Example shown is a 4mtr ’U shape’ bar with 2 stations, back bar and integral glasswash station.

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The main benefit of a fully welded bar, is that this becomes the footprint of your bar and the primary structure that your frontage and upper bar top can go directly onto. The design of the fully welded bars and cocktail stations incorporates many practical solutions with cleanliness taking a high priority, these bars provide good accessibility for hygiene and good housekeeping practices  to take place on a regular basis, with minimal disruption allowing standards to be driven higher.


These bars are designed and made to suit your needs and the application of products and services that  you are providing. Within the framework is a designated service chamber which houses the water/waste and electrical services as well as any post mix and beer pythons. This provides a contained and designated area for all services to the bar, free from any potential damage and maximises space for ice wells, work surfaces, sinks and glass storage.

There are many advantages of a practical and functional bar, which will contain all that a bartender will need, and all within easy reach allowing maximum efficiency and service. Resulting in reduced waiting time for your customers, more drinks being served across the bar and ultimately more transactions and profit going through your till. Caterfab’s belief is that a good bar is an investment which will pay for itself  through increased profitability, in addition to enhancing the stylish wow factor that your venue offers.

Our bars are tailor made to meet your business requirements, you select how many stations you will be requiring and how they will work, even down to the compartment sizes in the fully insulated ice wells. There are many options available to you, helping you to create a unique and efficient working bar, such as speed rails and piggy back speed rails, scrapping rings, drip trays, condiment holders, glass fresheners, or even step-down blender facilities.


Fully Welded Bespoke

We have made a host of different sized bars and all manner of shapes, which can be designed to sit direct onto the floor or onto a plinth. In addition we also manufacture the back bar framework, upper back bar displays, as well as stainless steel bar tops. Glasswash stations can be incorporated into the bar, if your space permits or alternatively we can make bespoke stations for back of house areas.

All materials used are premium stainless steel and the bar is designed and manufactured with cleanliness in mind, so any potential dirt trap is eliminated by the use of cappings, panels, valances etc. All the shelves are fully removable, in order that access for cleaning to a high standard is achievable and unhampered and with minimal disruption and efforts created.